Monday , April 6 2020

30 Under 30 – Katy Conrad Maynor Supply Chain Rock Star

AGE: 29

HOMETOWN: Columbus, Ohio

ALMA MATER: The Ohio State University

CURRENT POSITION: Category Manager, Finished Lubricants/B2B, Shell Oil, London, U.K.

NOMINATED BY: David Allen, Operational Excellence—Functional Excellence Lead, Shell Oil

How she shines

Katy Conrad Maynor isn’t just a rising star—she’s a rock star, says nominator David Allen. A superb negotiator and born leader, Maynor displays a special flair for uniting people with conflicting goals, guiding them toward solutions that pay off for all. Among her many achievements at Shell Oil since 2008: She devised a new approach to one supplier relationship that yielded big savings across half that vendor’s portfolio; built a regional sourcing strategy for Shell’s business-to-business (B2B) products; and co-led the creation of a successful new contracting model.

Why supply chain?

Maynor was a business major at Ohio State, headed for a marketing career, when an on-campus talk by a member of the Limited Brands’ logistics team gave her a look at life on the supply side. “Getting the product to the end consumer, and matching demand to what is available, sounded like a fascinating challenge,” she says. Later, a 12-week internship at Shell sold her on the supply chain, and especially on procurement. One big draw was the chance to make a direct impact on the bottom line. “If businesses can get this right—an optimized supply chain with constructive relationships—it can be a source of competitive advantage,” she says. “It’s exciting to be part of that effort.”

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