Sunday , May 22 2022

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Unlocking the Power of Your Procurement Team


By Jim Wetekamp   There’s a vast difference between the world’s best-performing procurement teams and everybody else.The top procurement teams drive the growth and profitability of their organizations and create an unrivaled financial advantage over competitors. The rest? They still operate as a back-room function, adhering to conventional procurement practices that ...

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Five-Step-Plan to Scale your Trading Business


By Philippe Theunissen Many trading companies wrestle with the question how to grow their business to the next level. How to go from 5 to 20 people, or how to triple the revenue in the coming three years? I’ve worked together with many sourcing and trading companies, from small to ...

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Study: What’s on the Next CPO’s Agenda Today?

What's On The Next CPO's Agenda

Participate in this study, share your vision and you will receive the book “The Next CPO” (2014). Click here to start the survey! Join in and make others change, innovate and accelerate! What’s on the Next CPO’s Agenda Today? Would you like to share your ideas and knowledge about procurement? And would you like ...

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Market Our Impact

Regular Savings

by Enrique Enriquez One of the most challenging aspects of my career in Procurement has been opening ownership’s eyes to our value. As Procurement Professionals we are more likely to be seen as a bottleneck or disrupter of business than an asset to the company. However, with any great challenge ...

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Beware Strategic Drift


Even the best-crafted and well-established contracts and business relationships can suffer from a common but highly dangerous malady known as “strategic drift.” Strategic drift? In the world of procurement, strategic drift occurs when buyers and suppliers fail to pay proper attention to the relationship; they fall down in their communications. ...

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Ambassadors and Assassins: Self-Leadership in Procurement Success

People often associate ‘leadership’ with managing others. Indeed, having an effective functional leader is critical for Procurement success; the Procurement leader is the chief architect of the functional capability. However, the attitudes and behaviours of individual purchasing people can be just as impactful on Procurement’s effectiveness, organisational capability and performance ...

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