Friday , January 28 2022

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Unlocking the Power of Your Procurement Team


By Jim Wetekamp   There’s a vast difference between the world’s best-performing procurement teams and everybody else.The top procurement teams drive the growth and profitability of their organizations and create an unrivaled financial advantage over competitors. The rest? They still operate as a back-room function, adhering to conventional procurement practices that ...

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Greece crisis hits supply chains 


The Greek financial crisis threatens both regional and international supply chains. Supply chains have been affected by the ongoing financial crisis in Greece. According to a Wall Street Journal Report, the Greek government’s decision to shut down the country’s banking system for seven days will have a negative knock-on impact ...

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Supply chain leaders must be caretakers…


Supply chain leaders need to understand how to translate chief executives’ increasing focus on operational improvements to the supply chain organisation, according to research. A study by Gartner found that chief executives are still mostly concerned with business growth but are focussing more on areas that have direct implications for ...

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Hi-tech supply chain top ontmoet elkaar 


Welke stappen moet bedrijven zetten om vooruitgang te boeken op het gebied van Internet of Things? Wat is de impact op klantenbinding door implementatie van een omnichannel platform? Hoe kunnen aftermarket diensten de ROI beïnvloeden? Dit zijn vragen waarop deelnemers aan de Hi-tech & Electronics Supply Chain Summit een antwoord ...

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Security, DevOps and the shift to a software supply chain


Last week at the DevOps Connect event held in conjunction with RSA Conference, the security and continuous delivery worlds united to deliver an overarching message that security teams that can embed themselves in DevOps patterns can not only secure IT at speed, but they can actually contribute to a more ...

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