Monday , April 6 2020

Women in Procurement: Big Challenges, Bigger Potential

The procurement profession has traditionally been a male-dominated field. A manual count by SCM World last year found only 22 women with top supply chain executive jobs in 320 Fortune 500 companies. That’s just 7%! With numbers like these, it’s understandable that many women see the procurement glass ceiling as ...

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For some startup employees, less time spent at work is more

Factory worker punching in

orking at a startup is a bit like being a medical student – you clock in long hours, abandon your social life and dedicate yourself with single-mindedness to surviving those first few painful years. That’s how a lot of startups succeed. But maybe there’s another path. Eschewing the traditional model ...

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Procurement Professionals Webinars Series: Learn the Matter Group Interactive Methodology with Betty Dhamers and Daniel Newman

Matter logo2

The Matter Group is part of the Value Web, a recognized leader in designs for collaborative engagement. It employs cutting-edge event design, facilitation, breakout moderation and industrial-scale concept mapping to create sustainable solutions for leaders and organizations around the world. The LEADING Procurement Professionals Summit on June 3rd and 4th in ...

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The VAR Business Model Success Checklist

Have you taken a good, hard look at the state of supply chain management lately? The VAR business model is quickly evolving and growing in support of the technology sector in order to better service and engage supply end user customers. In a recent report, Aberdeen Group’s Bryan Ball, Vice ...

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How to Transform Your Supply Chain Through a 4PL Approach

When companies have a huge hill to climb in strategic business process change, radical growth they don’t know how to handle, market volatility, acquisitions, or significant supply chain performance issues, a fourth-party logistics (4PL) provider strategy can help align and direct projects with an eye toward future goals. The 4PL ...

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