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Logistics Networks in a Digital Age

Net Connections Black and White

The global economy is witnessing significant and rapid change, thanks to major technological advances over the last decade. The German news portal Spiegel Online noted a societal transformation “that can only be compared with 19th century industrialisation, but it is happening much faster this time . . . the digital ...

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Customer-Centric Delivery


How empowered consumers are forcing supply chains to adapt. Brandon Johnson | UPS To seize the opportunities created by the boom in eCommerce, retailers, manufacturers, and logistics providers alike have all taken steps to make their supply chains more customer-centric. The moves make sense. As globalization made it easier for ...

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Waste Not, Want Not: Sustainability in the supply chain pays off


By Ken Rankin, UPS Now, more than ever, sustainable business practices underpin the efforts of global high-tech and electronics companies interested in bolstering their bottom lines and preparing for the future. Indeed, one of the most important sustainability questions facing the high-tech industry today relates to product lifecycles and end-of-life ...

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Germany’s giant World Cup logistics project

German World Cup

More on the World Cup…. Behind the scenes is the major logistical exercise in transporting each country’s gear.  Arabian Supply Chain posted this article on the German team’s logistics (ASC Staff, Jun 11, 2014).   The German Football Association has shipped 23 tonnes of luggage to Brazil in preparation for this ...

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Five Ways to Drive Efficiency In International Logistics

If your international supply chain partners aren’t able to operate at optimal efficiency, they pass increased pricing on to your company. When partners don’t meet your expectations, it’s difficult to standardize the logistics flow, which reduces efficiency and decreases their level of commitment to your goals. Add the extra time ...

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