Wednesday , December 8 2021

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Unlocking the Power of Your Procurement Team


By Jim Wetekamp   There’s a vast difference between the world’s best-performing procurement teams and everybody else.The top procurement teams drive the growth and profitability of their organizations and create an unrivaled financial advantage over competitors. The rest? They still operate as a back-room function, adhering to conventional procurement practices that ...

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Greece crisis hits supply chains 


The Greek financial crisis threatens both regional and international supply chains. Supply chains have been affected by the ongoing financial crisis in Greece. According to a Wall Street Journal Report, the Greek government’s decision to shut down the country’s banking system for seven days will have a negative knock-on impact ...

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Food industry shouldn’t wait for Elliott Review to make changes

McDonalds employees promote their food on the Qianmen Street in Beijing, China, March 24, 2010. Photograph: Imaginechina/Corbis Professor Chris Elliott’s long-awaited review of the food industry, which was commissioned in the wake of the horsemeat scandal, is expected to be published at the start of September. Based on the review’s ...

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Untangling the Retail Supply Chain with Real-Time Analytics

Retail supply chains are longer and more tangled than ever before – the complexity of the data sets and the management of far-flung suppliers coupled with high customer expectations around service and reliability are taxing traditional approaches to supply chain management to their limits. Supply chain analytics and management plays ...

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How Top Performers Manage Their Consumer Products Supply Chain

The increasing focus on the delivery of superior consumer satisfaction has a profound effect on the way consumer products manufacturers provide world class customer-centric experiences. WhileMan taking stock the cost of products and services will always remain a critical factor, forward thinking companies are implementing solutions that respond quickly and ...

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