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Is It Time to Change Vendors?

Jigsaw puzzle with one piece partially removed, overhead view

Why CFOs must challenge vendors to bring problem-solving ideas to the table. Kurt Kuehn | UPS As chief financial officers move beyond traditional roles, many are finding that vendor selection is becoming an important part of their expanded duties. When deciding which vendors are the right fit, CFOs should distinguish ...

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WHY – The Key to Offsetting the Effects of Change Fatigue

Kevan Reeve

Guest Blogger Name: Kevan Reeve Title: Managing Director Company: Kevan Reeve Associates Group AB Location: Sweden LinkedIn Profile: Kevan Reeve LinkedIn Company web site: A quote about Procurement: ‘Not all companies see the full benefits from truly strategic approaches to Procurement, but we are making very good progress towards ...

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Procurement Can Change The World: The $370m Font

Last month a schoolboy in Pittsburgh saw an opportunity that could, he and his teachers estimated, save the US Government close to $400m in print costs. The premise is simple and, like so many good ideas, it took just a notebook, a pen and a bit of lateral thinking. What Suvir ...

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