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Innovation Without Boundaries

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Beware of mental models that crowd out innovation By Elba Pareja-Gallagher | UPS As a member of a corporate strategy team, innovation is in my job description. The cross-functional team that I’m part of is responsible for developing commercially viable concepts for how to compete in e-commerce deliveries. Since the ...

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Customer-Centric Delivery


How empowered consumers are forcing supply chains to adapt. Brandon Johnson | UPS To seize the opportunities created by the boom in eCommerce, retailers, manufacturers, and logistics providers alike have all taken steps to make their supply chains more customer-centric. The moves make sense. As globalization made it easier for ...

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Managing a Borderless Supply Chain


By Scott Szwast, UPS The global growth of the middle class is creating new markets for healthcare companies. Approximately 57 percent of demand for healthcare products is outside of North America, making international trade particularly important for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. However, less than one percent of U.S. healthcare ...

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Natural Gas: Shifting into a Higher Gear


By Mike Whitlatch, UPS After spending the first 80 years of our company’s history growing our dependence on petroleum, UPS has spent the last 30 years searching for something better. As part of what we refer to as our “rolling laboratory,” we have tested electric vehicles, hybrids (both electric and ...

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The Seven Lessons of Successful Exporters


By Doug Barry,U.S. Department of Commerce It’s easier than ever to sell a product or service to a buyer in another country. Mega-trade agreements now being negotiated, which will knit together buyers and sellers in the U.S., Asia and Europe and make selling to a customer in Singapore or São ...

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Retail on the Go


A look at the world of shopping in your purse or pocket. By Bala Ganesh, UPS Smartphones have become such a part of our daily life that most of us can’t imagine even a few hours without one. New research from UPS and comScore reveals that the rest of the ...

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Ending Poverty Through Trade


By David Abney, UPS CEO The playwright George Bernard Shaw once wrote that poverty is “the greatest of evils and the worst of crimes.” While Shaw penned those poignant words more than a century ago, the reality is that too many people still lead lives filled with hunger and hardship. ...

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Waste Not, Want Not: Sustainability in the supply chain pays off


By Ken Rankin, UPS Now, more than ever, sustainable business practices underpin the efforts of global high-tech and electronics companies interested in bolstering their bottom lines and preparing for the future. Indeed, one of the most important sustainability questions facing the high-tech industry today relates to product lifecycles and end-of-life ...

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