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PROCUREMENT PROFESSIONALS is a networking community to source and share Business Information, Promote Events, HR & Career Networking, Job Search & Job Posts and to Connect to Recruiters & Head Hunters across the Procurement world. Also Hiring Professionals can stay in direct contact with Executive to Senior & Board Level Professionals for any current or future options.

The group has 300,000+ members and is the best & largest international networking group on LinkedIn for all executives, directors, CFO’s, CPO’s, VP’s, procurement professionals, head hunters, job seekers, recruiters, consultants, financial managers, supply chain & sourcing specialists, buyers and purchasers from all over the world.

If it is related to work, careers, jobs, employment, recruitment, etc, then this is the place!!


Paul Bouwman


Paul Bouwman is the Founder and President of the Procurement Professionals.

Procurement Professional with 18 years of experience, freelancer, sub contractor and consultant with broad experience in all aspects of IT, Telecom, IT-Secondment, Facilities like Printing, Car lease, Security, Direct Marketing, ARBO, Payroll and Cleaning. Also Contract & Vendor manager.

Experience with Tenders (RfI’s, RfQ’s, RfP’s) according to European guidelines ” nieuwe aanbestedingswet 2012″.

Specialties: Consultant. Senior buyer. Inkoper.
Purchase of IT, Telecom, IT-Secondment and Facilty Services. Much experience with European Tenders. Vendor and Contract management. Statement of Works. Service Level Agreements.
RFI’s and RFP’s. Bid manager.

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Willem Van Oort is a Founding Member of the Procurement Professionals, Event Producer, Head of Marketing and Content Development.

Willem is an international manager with extensive knowledge and experience in congress, event, editorial and speaker planning; and programming solid and engaging business events.

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Brian Heinen


Brian Heinen is a Founding Member of the Procurement Professionals,  Summit Producer, Head of Logistics and Content Management

US national living in Europe since 2004. Producing and developing a range of international projects for corporate event clients. Focused on the European, American, Asian and now – Brazilian markets.
+ Local Producer Event Planning, Conference and Production Services for creative corporate event planning and production communication services for freelance distributed projects.
+ One-stop solution for clients that are looking to implement conference programming, live corporate events and media event branding.  Local Producer offers a wide array of services, tailored to meet the exact requirements, specifications and budgets of our clients.
-Working remotely between Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Los Angeles & São Paulo

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Marcia Thompson


Marcia Thompson is a group moderator and contributing blogger for the Procurement Professionals.

Marcia has had a varied and rewarding career, in the fields of Retail, Administration, Accounting, Asset Management, Finance and Procurement. Industries in which I have worked include the public sector, mining, engineering, energy, prisons, banking and facilities management.

Strengths include realisation of savings, problem-solving, innovations and supplier relations. My accounting background gives me an edge when analysing potential savings on goods and services. I am increasing my knowledge on sustainability and have proactively engaged with suppliers to ascertain and increase their contribution to sustainability.

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August Lizarraga Jr..jpg


August Lizarraga Jr. is group moderator for the Procurement Professionals

August is a marketing executive with 10+ years of diverse global experience among the banking, insurance/investments and outsourcing industries. He attained his MBA from the University of New Orleans in 2004, building his professional marketing experience in the USA and Latin America, fluent in English/Spanish with basic Portuguese skill.

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