Monday , May 17 2021

Spend Matters UK/Europe

While Spend Matters still very much embrace the description blog – and they refer to themselves as bloggers rather than analysts in polite conversation – their venture has grown into something much larger. In maintaining its roots and values, their core site has become a global content community dedicated to examining a range of procurement and supply chain issues. Today, they publish more research than all of the traditional industry analyst firms combined, and the level of depth of their content reflects an insider’s eye that only former senior practitioners, consultants and true technology experts could bring to the procurement and operations table. – See more at:

Guest Blog – Would you rather be a Banker or a Procurement Executive?

bank of england

Author´s Name: Peter Smith Job Title: Managing Editor, ex Procurement Director and a CIPS Past-President Company: Spend Matters Europe Location: UK LinkedIn Profile: Website: Spend Matters Europe. Would you rather be a Banker or a Procurement Executive? Since the financial crash of 2008, and the banks bail-outs in many countries, friends of mine in the ...

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