Monday , May 17 2021

Customer-Centric Delivery


How empowered consumers are forcing supply chains to adapt. Brandon Johnson | UPS To seize the opportunities created by the boom in eCommerce, retailers, manufacturers, and logistics providers alike have all taken steps to make their supply chains more customer-centric. The moves make sense. As globalization made it easier for ...

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4 Tips to Improve Landing Page Conversion


Landing pages are still somewhat of a mystery to many marketers. In theory they sound simple, but it may feel like there are secrets or some mystic formula that has to be cracked in order to be successful. Now you not only need a website that is filled with stellar ...

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Getting a Firm Grasp on the Supply Chain


For a company that helps people stay comfortable outdoors when disconnecting from the stresses of work and, to some extent, technology, Columbia Sportswear has managed to balance a business philosophy that combines the best of technology with a respect for the natural world. The billion-dollar company headquartered near Portland, Ore., ...

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Supply Chain Visibility Thru Technology a Requirement


Transparent supply chain management and effective supply chain visibility is a critical tool in a company’s continued growth and successful brand image. The latest John Oliver episode on Fashion (which you can watch below) featured shameful behavior and practices that were part of how products were and are being produced ...

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How do Buyers work with Suppliers to deliver Social Value?


Social value is about maximising the impact of public expenditure. Social value considers more than just the financial transaction. It includes: Happiness, Wellbeing, Health, Inclusion, and Empowerment. These types of value often accrue to different people, communities or organisations and are not always easy to measure. The strategically-thinking Buyer recognises ...

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Internet of Things Reaches Into the Trucking Business


The Internet of Things, it seems, is coming to your local truck stop. Recently, Saia LTL Freight Inc. began employing Internet-enabled Intel Corp. technology on its fleet of more than 3,000 trucks. Sensors installed on Saia’s vehicles enabled the company to track maintenance needs, driver safety, fuel usage and several ...

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How to Get a Climate-Resilient Supply Chain


Typically, more than 50 percent of an average corporation’s carbon emissions come from the supply chain. Therefore, global supply chains are one of the most critical opportunities for companies to reduce climate impacts and gain business benefits from building resilience. In a Spring Forum Series 2015 event in London on ...

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RSA Warns of Supply Chain Attack on Point of Sale Vendors


In-brief: RSA said it detected evidence of a malicious software campaign that targeted employees at point of sale vendors – a possible effort to compromise the PoS supply chain.  For companies concerned about securing their infrastructure, nothing is more frightening than the notion of buying compromised hardware and software – “certified ...

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