Monday , May 17 2021

The Importance of Influencing Change in Supply Chain Management


We spend a tremendous amount of our time trying to influence the behavior of others – whether it’s up the organization with leadership, down the organization with our direct reports, across the organization with peers or internal stakeholders or outside the organization with customers or suppliers, or in the community, ...

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3D Printing May Make The Warehouse A Thing Of The Past


Not long ago, during his 2013 State of the Union Address, U.S. President Barack Obama called attention to 3D printing, saying it “has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything.” While the technology is expected to alter the way consumer goods are made, 3D printing could also ...

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B2B Integration and the Supply Chain


Just how important is it for companies to invest in B2B integration technologies for their supply chain process? Quite important, new research shows. A recent study from OpenText — in collaboration with IDC —  shows there to be a direct link between companies adding B2B integration technology and supply chain performance. “Companies understand that to ...

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Data-Driven Content Marketing at Scale Becomes a Reality


According to our recent content marketing tactics study, the majority of marketers (76%) plan to increase content marketing budget in 2015; however, regardless of this increase in investment, companies must still overcome two of content marketing’s greatest challenges: Scale: Creating quality content each and every day in an efficient manner. ...

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12 Risks That Can Disrupt Modern Supply Chains


Modern supply chains are characterized by close integration of suppliers with purchasing organizations, where suppliers are viewed as strategic partners who enable clients to add scale and capabilities, become more efficient and drive innovation. Therefore, it is not a surprise that supplier risk management is getting increased attention from the ...

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Procurement Professionals Webinars Series: Conflict Minerals, REACH, ROHS: Addressing Product Compliance Challenges


Join this exclusive webinar where experts discuss “How organizations can manage product compliance requirements for Conflict Minerals, REACH, RoHS across the supply chain and mitigate risks of non-compliance”. The webinar will cover: ·         Compliance complexities ·         Higher Quality  Filings for compliance year 2014 ·         Implications of Non Conflict Free Product ...

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Study: What’s on the Next CPO’s Agenda Today?

What's On The Next CPO's Agenda

Participate in this study, share your vision and you will receive the book “The Next CPO” (2014). Click here to start the survey! Join in and make others change, innovate and accelerate! What’s on the Next CPO’s Agenda Today? Would you like to share your ideas and knowledge about procurement? And would you like ...

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Market Our Impact

Regular Savings

by Enrique Enriquez One of the most challenging aspects of my career in Procurement has been opening ownership’s eyes to our value. As Procurement Professionals we are more likely to be seen as a bottleneck or disrupter of business than an asset to the company. However, with any great challenge ...

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